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The key to a successful induction process

So you’ve hired a new member of staff. You’re really pleased that you have found the right person and that they’ve accepted your offer. Their references check out and you’ve agreed a start date. So what do you do next?

A lot employers think that the recruitment process is the only important step to hiring the right staff. However, once you have hired the right person it is imperative that you keep them. On average according to a study by Oxford Economics the cost of replacing the average member of staff is over £30,000! This includes the cost of lost output whilst replacing an outgoing workers and the logistical cost of recruiting a new worker and getting them up to speed. 

One of the most important steps in keeping a new member of staff is by making sure that their introduction into the company; often called the on-boarding process, goes smoothly.

Here are my top tips for an effective on-boarding process

  • 1) Make a plan- It sounds simple but make a plan of what will happen to the new employee for at least their first few weeks within the business. This is often referred to as an induction program, although in small businesses it need not be so formal. Coming into the business with a set structure will make them feel more secure and confident in the business.

  • 2) Have their desk and computer or office equipment ready for them- There is nothing worse than being the new person without a desk. Often companies are so keen to get new staff in fast that they start them without an available work station. This can make the new hire feel isolated and awkward at a time when they will already probably be out of their comfort zone. If you need to buy a new computer or desk for your new hire it is always best to delay their start date until you are fully prepared for them so that they may start as they mean to go on.

  • 3) Make them feel welcome- Again, it sounds simple but often we are so busy that new staff are left to “shadow” someone else or read large amounts of text which can leave them feeling isolated and unsure as to whether they made the right decision in joining you. Make sure that they feel welcome by meeting them at the front door on their first day, showing them around and introducing them to their new colleagues. Some companies even organise staff lunches or take new hires out to lunch on their first day to show that they are happy that they have joined them.

  • 4) Spend time with them- It is imperative that a new member of staff’s direct superior is available to them during their first few days and weeks of employment. Ideally you will have blocked out space in your diary to spend time with your new hire. This can include showing them around the office, getting them to grips with the telephone and computer system, introducing them to their colleagues, and taking them through an induction process. This will establish a positive relationship with you and their colleagues and make them feel valued from the out-set.

  • 5) Check in with them- Making the time to check in with a new employee within their first few weeks and months with you is so important. Once they are up to speed and are let loose on their own they will still need support. Often small issues and niggles can become bigger ones if not nipped in the bud. By checking in with them and asking how they are doing you are establishing a good communication process with your staff and are more likely to be able to solve any issues before they become too big.  

For help with hiring, retaining or on-boarding new staff please contact Lyndsey of Meredith Consultancy Services on 07793124005 or or see my website at www.meredithcs.co.uk

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What our clients say

  • As with any business the right staff will make or break it, so recruiting the right people is vital. We met with a number of recruitment companies including Lyndsey who had been recommended to us via a Business Management Consultant. It became very apparent early on that Lyndsey was much more meticulous than her competitors. She made a point of delving deep into our company, the new position, the existing team and the environment into which the new starter would be coming into. We have recently awarded the position to an individual we believe to be a great asset to the company.

    Paul - HSSports
  • In my recent career search, I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with recruitment companies who treat the candidates like second class citizens, never returning a call or email and even worse not knowing their client, how their business works and which transferable skills they are looking for. From the moment I applied for this position Lyndsey exceeded all my expectations, it wasn't a case of sending my CV straight to the client, I received an email explaining when she would be in touch to discuss my application and actually called me to do this. Lyndsey made the whole process very clear and amazed me with her knowledge and passion for her client when we met to see if I would fit in with her clients culture. This passion she demonstrated was infectious and I was delighted to meet the client and accepted the position.

    Chris Austin - Stoke-on-Trent
  • Exceptional Service and Dedication. MCS are very efficient and provide exceptional service. Lyndsey is friendly, approachable, helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. She demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work. I appreciate her quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests. She always takes time to fully brief herself on our vacancies, putting forward only those candidates who closely match our requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending Meredith Recruitment Consultancy for their excellent, cost effective service.

    Beth - LEDVANCE
  • We have recently worked with Lyndsey for the first time and the experience has been exemplery. From understanding our brief, through candidate selection and reccomendation and on to offer and employment, Lyndsey has been exceptional. Her communication has been faultless. Lyndsey has helped us recruit a fantastic Business Development Manager who is an amazing fit for our business. We are now looking at who else she can recruit for us.

    David, Home Instead (Stockport)
  • Lyndsey is truly an ethical recruiter. An amazing individual who inspires and motivates. She takes a genuine interest in her clients as well as her candidates and goes above and beyond to help. Her professional approach ensures that she understands her client's needs and how important it is to place the correct candidate for the role so as to create a perfect match. I can highly recommend her services and am so privileged to know her.

    Monique- Driver Hire